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Elastic search authentication

When preparing on you production installation you may need to authenticate to elastic search.

We provide different types of elastic search authentication. If you experience Authentication Error please take a closer look at the Tracardi configuration. You probably need to provide a username and password for an elastic-search connection.

Basic Authentication

Example of elastic search URI for authenticated access.

Encrypted authentication

File docker-standalone.yaml

    build: .
      ELASTIC_HOST: https://user:name@elastic-search-ip:443  <- change here for ssl connection
      - 80:80  
      - elasticsearch

Unencrypted authentication

For unencrypted connection set ELASTIC_HOST in docker-standalone.yaml to:

      ELASTIC_HOST: user:name@elastic-search-ip:9200

If you still experience problems with connection to elastic search, you can find the section on how to configure a connection to elastic search cluster below.