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ERROR: Rule to workflow does not exist. This may happen when you debug a workflow that has no routing rules set but you use Background task or Pause and Resume plugin that gets rescheduled and it could not find the routing to the workflow. Set a routing rule and this error will be solved automatically.

Code: R0001 Origin: rule Level: ERROR


This error is logged when a rule that is supposed to route an event to a workflow cannot be found. The error is critical because it signifies a gap in the workflow's configuration, potentially leading to execution failures or unintended behavior. This error will be linked to events, workflows, and profiles due to the potential for it to disrupt the intended flow of data processing within the system.


To resolve this issue, ensure that a routing trigger rule is explicitly defined for every workflow. Check the workflow's configuration to identify missing routing rules and add them as necessary to establish clear pathways for event processing.