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Calculate Time Difference Plugin

This plugin calculates the time difference between two dates.


The plugin takes two dates.

  • 1st date or path to date - this is a reference date, for example, [email protected].
  • 2nd date or path to date

Dates can be in the following formats * now - the time of workflow execution * date - correct values are for example 2021-03-14 or Aug 28 1999. For more information about correct formats, check * path - This one takes a path to date, e.g. [email protected]


This plugin returns time difference information on port time_difference. The returned time difference is always in form of an object with the following information:

    "seconds": <number-of-seconds>,
    "minutes": <number-of-minutes>,
    "hours": <number-of-hours>,
    "days": <number-of-days>,
    "weeks": <number-of-weeks>
These values can be floats.