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Add contact to Elastic Email plugin

This plugin adds new contact to Elastic Email, based on provided data.


This plugin takes any payload as input.


This plugin returns response from Elastic Email API on port response, or optional error info on port error if one occurs.

Plugin configuration

Form fields

  • Elastic Email resource - please select your Elastic Email resource. It should contain:
  • Elastic Email Client Public Account ID
  • Email address - please type in the path to the email address of your new contact.
  • Additional fields - you can add optional mapping for your contact, for example lastname: [email protected]. Remember to use field aliases from Elastic Email.

JSON configuration

  "source": {
    "id": "<id-of-your-elastic-email-resource>",
    "name": "<name-of-your-elastic-email-resource>"
  "email": "<path-to-email-of-new-contact>",
  "additional_mapping": {
    "field_country": "<path-to-country-data>",
    "firstName": "<path-to-first-name>",
    "lastName": "<path-to-last-name>",
    "...": "..."