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Event counter

This plugin reads how many events of a defined type were triggered within a defined time.


The Event counter plugin is designed to count the number of events of a specific type that occurred within a specified time frame. It retrieves the event count based on the provided configuration and returns the result.

This documentation is based on version 0.8.1 of the Event counter plugin.

Inputs and Outputs


The Event counter plugin accepts the following input:

  • payload: This port accepts a payload object.


The Event counter plugin provides the following outputs:

  • payload: Returns the number of events of the defined type.

Example output:

  "events": 39


The Event counter plugin supports the following configuration parameters:

  • Event type: Select the event type you would like to count.
  • Time span: Specify the time span to search for events. Use the format "-15minutes" to indicate a time span of 15 minutes in the past.

JSON Configuration

Here is an example JSON configuration for the Event counter plugin:

  "event_type": "page-view",
  "time_span": "-15m"

Required resources

This plugin does not require external resources to be configured.


The Event counter plugin may encounter the following errors:

  • ValueError: Invalid time span: This error occurs when the specified time span is invalid or cannot be parsed. Ensure that the time span is formatted correctly, such as "-15m".
  • Event type not specified: This error occurs when the event type is not provided in the configuration. Make sure to select an event type from the available options.