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Event counter

This plugin reads how many events of defined type were triggered within defined time.



 "event_type": "page-view",
 "time_span": "-15m"

  • event_type - value should be a string containing type of event that user wants to count.
  • time_span - should be a string containing time span which user wants to search in, for example using "-1h30min" as "time_span" on 1st March 2022, 1:00 (a.m.) results in searching through all events that happened between 28th February 2022, 23:30 and 1st March 2022, 1:00 (a.m.). Presence of "-" sign in timeSpan does not matter, since it is stripped anyway. For more details, visit pytimeparse library documentation.


Plugin outputs number of found events.


    "events" : 39