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Google event tracker

This plugin sends event to google analytics

JSON Configuration

  "category": "category",
  "action": "action",
  "label": "label",
  "value": 0
  • Category (required): The category of the event you’re tracking. The category organizes events into groups. Example: Buttons.
  • Action (required): The action of the event you’re tracking. The action tells you what a visitor did. Example: Click.
  • Name (optional): The name of the event you’re tracking. The name gives you more information about the event. Example: Sign up (a CTA on your button).
  • Value (optional): The value you want to assign to the event you’re tracking. Example: 5. If an action is worth some money for your business, like a signup button click is worth 5 USD, you can assign a value for it. Every time an event happens.


Returns result on the output port in the following schema:

  "status": "200",
  "content": "response content"