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IF Action

If you want your flow to perform some conditional operation use this node.


This node uses a language very similar to SQL conditionals. It also uses dotted path notation to access the data. All fields must contain a source and a path to value e.g:

This means the value from profile will be used in the conditional statement.

Language grammar

The following grammar rules define expression syntax in [If node].

  | expr OR (expr AND expr)
  | expr AND (expr OR expr)

that means that expressions with similar operators e.g. OR must be in brackets. The following conditional statement is forbidden:

field1=1 AND field2=2 OR field3=3

correct statement is either:

field1=1 AND (field2=2 OR field3=3)


(field1=1 AND field2=2) OR field3=3

There is no auto resolution of priority operations

Condition resolution

Each condition consist of a field, operator, and value. An operator is used to manipulate individual data items and return a result. Operators are represented by special characters or by keywords. List of operators is available below.


payload@numberOfPurchases == 1

This example will trigger True port on the [IF node] if numberOfPurchases in payload equals 1

Operations can be joined by AND/OR.


payload@numberOfPurchases == 1 and payload@title == "Title"

This example will trigger True port on the [IF node] if numberOfPurchases in payload equals 1and title in payload equals "Title".

There are other operators possible like:

  • less then (<)
  • greater then (>)
  • less or equal then (<=)
  • greater or equal then (>=)
  • not equal (!=)
  • exists (fieldname EXISTS)
  • not exists (fieldname NOT EXISTS)

Value types

In the example:

payload@numberOfPurchases == 1 and payload@title == "Title"

Field payload@numberOfPurchases is considered an integer number while payload@title is considered a string.


When you compare date you must pay attention to dates types. There are dates that are time zone aware (offset-aware) and dates that are not aware of time zone. You can not compare them.

can't compare offset-naive and offset-aware datetimes

Time functions

The following time functions are available:

  • now()
  • utcnow()
  • datetime(""), e.g datetime("2021-01-01 00:00:00")
  • datetime(), e.g datetime(profile@maetadata.time.insert)
  • now(""), e.g. now("europe/warsaw")
  • now.offset("europe/warsaw", "+700 days")
  • now.offset(payload@time, "+700 days")