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Show rating widget plugin

This plugin shows the rating widget to user. Rating widget allows user to rate something at scale from 1 to 5. Widget sends back an event with property event@properties.rating containing an integer from 1 to 5, according to user rating.


This plugin takes any payload as input.


This plugin returns given payload on port payload without any changes.

Plugin configuration

With form

  • UIX source - provide a URL of API where this widget is located. Usually, it's just Tracardi API URL.
  • API URL - provide a URL of API to send event back to.
  • Title - provide a title for your rating popup. This field does not support dotted notation.
  • Popup message - provide a template of message for your rating popup. This field supports dot templates.
  • Horizontal position - select a horizontal position for your rating popup.
  • Vertical position - select a vertical position for your rating popup.
  • Event type - type in a type of event that will be sent back from popup.
  • Save event - determine whether sent event should be saved or not. ON - save, OFF - do not save.
  • Popup lifetime - define a number of seconds for rating popup to be displayed. After this number of seconds, it will disappear without any user interaction.
  • Dark theme - you can enable dark theme for your popup. ON - dark mode, OFF - bright mode.

Advanced configuration

  "api_url": "<url-of-api-for-event-to-be-sent-to>",
  "uix_source": "<url-of-uix-source>",
  "title": "<popup-title>",
  "message": "<popup-message>",
  "lifetime": "<number-of-seconds-to-display>",
  "horizontal_position": " left | center | right ",
  "vertical_position": " top | bottom ",
  "event_type": "<type-of-event-to-be-sent-back>",
  "save_event": "<bool>",
  "dark_theme": "<bool>"