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Create payload action

This node creates data as payload output. It can reference profile, session, or flow in the created object.


In order to create payload user must provide transformation configuration. Below you can find an example of such configuration. Use dot notation to access json properties from payload, profile, etc.

You can mix regular values with values read from profile, session, etc.

  "new": {
    "key": "value",  // This is static value
    "value": "profile@id"  // Reads value from profile and saves it in object new.value
    "list": [1, "payload@data"] // Reads data value from payload and saves it as 2nf element of list
    "event": "event@..."  // Saves in event all data from event.

This configuration will return an object new with the following properties.

  "new": {
    "key": "value", 
    "value": <profile_id>
    "list": [
    "event": <data_from_event>