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Send data to Airtable plugin

This plugin adds a new record to a given table in Airtable.


This plugin takes any payload as input.


This plugin returns record data on port response if everything is OK, or some error info on port error if one occurs.


With form

  • Airtable resource - here select your Airtable resource, containing your API key.
  • Base ID - here paste in the ID of the Airtable base. You can check it while inspecting your base in Airtable. It looks like
  • Table name - here simply type in the name of your table in given base.
  • Record mapping - provide key-value pairs. Key is the name of the field in the table for the new record, and value is just a path to the value of this field, or the value itself.

Advanced configuration

  "source": {
    "id": "<id-of-your-airtable-resource>",
    "name": "<name-of-your-airtable-resource>"
  "base_id": "<id-of-your-airtable-base>",
  "table_name": "<name-of-your-airtable-table>",
  "mapping": {
    "field_name_1": "profile@field.example",
    "field_name_2": "event@example.field"