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Post to Slack channel plugin

This plugin posts a text message to defined channel on Slack.


This plugin requires adding an app to your Slack workspace:

  • Go to - open account if you do not have one.
  • Create new app
  • Select from scratch option
  • Type a name for the app and pick a workspace
  • Install app into your workspace
  • Allow this app to write into channels
  • Copy this app's bot token
  • Paste the token when creating Tracardi resource

For more detail, check Slack apps creating documentation.


This plugin takes any payload as input.


This plugin returns a response from Slack API on port response or additional error info payload on port error if an error occurs.


With form

  • Slack resource - Here select your Slack resource, containing your app's bot token.
  • Slack channel - Here type in the name of the channel that you want your bot to post to.
  • Message - Here type in the message content. You can use dot templates.

Advanced configuration

  "source": {
    "id": "<id-of-your-slack-resource>",
    "name": "<name-of-your-slack-resource>"
  "channel": "<name-of-slack-channel>",
  "message": "<content-of-your-message>"


Depending on your app's scopes, you may need to add your app to the channel that you want to post to. You can do it by typing @, sending it and inviting the app into the channel.