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String Validator Action

The purpose of this plugin is to validate data. We need to specify a type of validation.

We can choose from:

  • email - for example [email protected]
  • url - for example
  • ipv4 for example
  • date for example 01.01.1900
  • time for example 01:01
  • int for example 3
  • float for example 3.4
  • number_phone for example +48123456789


This node require configuration.

Configuration values

  • validator - type of validation.
  • data - the string that we would like to validate

Data can be a dotted notation path to value inside profile, event, session, etc. or any string.


  "validator" : "url",
  "data" : "[email protected]"

It will return payload on valid output port. invalid port will stay inactive.

  "validator" : "email",
  "data" : "12341232"

It will return payload on invalid output port. valid port will stay inactive.

Input payload

This node does not process input payload. Input payload will not be returned on output.


This plugin has to port valid and invalid. Depending on validation result the appropriate ports will be launched with payload copied as data.