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Extract topics plugin

This plugin sends given text to MeaningCloud's Topics extraction API to extract topics from it.


This plugin takes any payload as input.


This plugin returns response from API on port response, or optional error info on error port if one occurs.

Plugin configuration

With form

  • MeaningCloud resource - select your MeaningCloud resource, containing your MeaningCloud API token.
  • Path to text - type in the path to the text that you want to summarize.
  • Path to language - type in the path to the language of the text (es, en) you can type the language itself as well. This option can be left as auto for automatic language detection.

Advanced configuration

  "source": {
    "name": "<name-of-your-meaningcloud-resource>",
    "id": "<id-of-your-meaningcloud-resource>"
  "text": "<path-to-text-to-analyze>",
  "lang": "<path-to-language-code-or-language-itself>"