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A profile refers to a detailed record or representation of a person. The profile contains information about personal characteristics, interests, and activities. The information is obtained and updated based on incoming events and data imported from external systems.

For instance, Tracardi may collect data from a customer's interaction with a website or other service. These interactions are captured as events, which are assigned to a corresponding profile. This allows Tracardi to maintain a detailed picture of the customer throughout their interaction with the service.

Profile information includes both public and private data. The public data may include actions taken by the user on a website, while the private data may include personal information.

In order to aggregate the collected data in the profile, Tracardi uses a graphical editor. An administrator using Tracardi can use this editor to define the method by which data from events is attached to the profile. This ensures that the right data is in the right place and that the profile remains up-to-date and accurate.