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How import data and fix an error of import pending?


Tracardi utilizes import workers to process data imports in the background, and sometimes import workers may face errors that lead to import pending issues. In this documentation, we will guide you through the steps to start an import worker and resolve import pending errors.

Step 1: Start Tracardi Worker

To start importing data, you need to start the Tracardi worker that will import data in the background. You can use the following Docker command to start the worker:

docker run -e REDIS_HOST=redis://<redis-ip>:6379 tracardi/worker-update

In this command, replace with the IP address of the Redis server that Tracardi uses.

Step 2: Verify that the Worker is Running

After running the above command, the import worker will start processing defined data imports, and you can verify that the worker is running by checking the list of running Docker containers using the following command:

docker ps

If the worker is not running, check the logs for any errors.

Step 3: Check Background Tasks

After starting the worker, check the background tasks in Tracardi to ensure that the import worker has started processing the import task. If the import worker did not start processing the task, try creating a new background task.

Step 4: Troubleshoot Errors

If you encounter any errors during the import process, refer to the Tracardi documentation or seek help from the Tracardi community. Common issues that you may encounter include connection errors, malformed data, or unsupported file formats.