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How to Replace a Profile in Workflow?

Sometimes, it may be necessary to replace a profile with a different profile based on certain data from the event properties. This documentation will walk through how to do this using a workflow and looking for a profile based on a specific identifier, such as an email address. By following the instructions below, you can easily replace a profile and ensure that the correct information is being used in the workflow.

  • Create a workflow with a start and end node
  • Add a "Load Profile by" node and connect it to the start node
  • Select the field (e.g., email) that you would like to use to identify the profile
  • Send the email in the event properties
  • Add an "Event Properties" node and connect it to the "Load Profile by" node for debugging purposes
  • Run the workflow
  • Check the state of the profile to ensure it was successfully loaded
  • If the email is misspelled, there will be an error indicating that no record was found
  • Consider what to do with events that do not have a profile (e.g., discard the event or keep it for further analysis)