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How tracardi loads profile

Tracardi utilizes ID to identify profiles, with each profile having a unique identifier. When there is only one profile per user, loading is performed through a simple query that matches the ID to the given ID. However, since Tracardi gathers data from multiple sources and channels, passing the product ID to each of them may not always be feasible. Hence, during the initial data collection phase when the user is anonymous, multiple profiles belonging to the same user are stored in Tracardi. When linking profiles, all profile IDs are copied to the IDS field, and loading is executed by checking whether the given ID corresponds to any of the IDs stored in the ids field. Despite having an ID field, the possibility of outdated IDs on certain devices necessitates the use of the ids field during loading. This approach enables Tracardi to merge profiles from external systems by simply adding the external system's profile ID to the ids field, which can then be used to load the profile.

Example of profile data
  "id": "22082393-4b65-4add-a2e1-7a6982a79d0d",
  "ids": [