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Tracardi microservice plugin is a new way to extend Tracardi without system upgrade. Each microservice can deliver a set of new plugins that you can easily plug and use. The main benefit of using Tracardi microservices is access to continuously growing set of services and zero maintenance cost.

Tracardi Microservice Credentials

To use the Tracardi microservice plugin you will need to provide an API KEY.

Where to get Microservice's API key

Microservice is usually a new docker that you start on your server. Tracardi microservices require you to set API_KEY environment variable. It must be at least 32 char long. And must be a random value hard to guess.

Please paste this value to API key input and click get secret. Your APIKEY will be replaced by token that will allow you to access the server microservices.

Microservice setup

  • Type the microservice URL to Type microservice URL Input.
  • Type the API KEY and click get secret. If the API KEY is correct you will see the green lock.
  • Select on of the available services that are installed on the microservice server.
  • Depending on the selected service you may see additional form to fill with the credentials that are required for the service to work. For example a service that integrates with Trello will require the Trello credentials.
  • If the developer provided the documentation for the microservice you should see the manual with the tips how to configure the selected service.

Microservice plugins

Each microservice installs plugins that will connect to the microservice and run the configured action. Plugins can be found in the workflow editor.