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Novu is the open-source notification infrastructure for developers. You can register an notification event in Novu and the system will send to your user via different means of messaging, e.g. e-mail, SMS, push message.

Novu Credentials

To use the novu plugin you will need to provide Apikey and create your notification template.

Where to get Novu's Apikey

  • Go to
  • In right corner click on "Get started"
  • After creating your profile go to "Settings" tab
  • In the settings navigation menu there is "Api Keys" tab
  • With your Apikey go to "Integrations Store" tab and set up email provider which you want use to
  • Now with your Apikey and configured provider, you can create templates and edit workflow for notifications in "Notifications" tab

In the case of any issue, every email provider has his own guide, just click on chosen provider and look for "Read our guide on where to get the credentials here."