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Building docker image

Building Tracardi docker image

Sometimes you will need to build a docker container yourself. It is usually needed when you would like your docker server to run https requests.

To build a docker container from source clone our repository

git clone

Go to tracardi folder and run docker build

cd tracardi-api/
docker build . -t tracardi-api

After a while the docker will be build. It is on your computer, so you can run it like this.

docker run -p 8686:80 -e ELASTIC_HOST=http://<your-laptop-ip>:9200 tracardi-api

Replace with your laptop IP

Notice that that you can not type http://localhost:9200. This means that you're connecting to the docker itself as localhost means local in docker. Obviously elastic is not there, so Tracardi will never connect. Pass external ip for elastic. This may be your laptop IP if you are running Tracardi locally.


On windows you can use ipconfig command to find out your laptop IP.

This documentation answers the following questions:

  • How can I build a Tracardi docker image?