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How to create new tenant

Creating a New Tenant

This guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough for creating a new tenant within the Tenant Management Service (TMS) system. By following these steps, you can provide your customers with a link to complete the installation process. It's important to note that this approach is not a plug-and-play solution; rather, it's a pivotal step in the installation journey, enabling you to delegate the finalization of the installation to your customers.

If you're seeking a more streamlined installation process accomplished through a single API call, you can explore the full installation guide available here. This resource outlines the steps for setting up a multi-tenant environment in a more automated manner.


Before starting the tenant creation process, ensure you have access to the Tenant Management Service (TMS) and the required API key. To create a new tenant, you'll need a TMS API key generated during TMS installation.

Creating a New Tenant with an API Call

Follow these instructions to create a new tenant using an API call:

  1. Authorize with API Key:

To initiate the process, authorize yourself with the API key. Use the following CURL command to obtain a token that will be used for authorization in the subsequent API call:

curl -X 'GET' \
  'http://TMS-server:8383/api-key/API-KEY' \
  -H 'accept: application/json'

The response will provide a token that must be included in the header of the next API call.

  1. API Call Configuration:

    • Utilize the HTTP POST method.
    • Direct the API call to the endpoint /tenant.
    • Construct the API call payload with the following details:
      "id": "uuid4-id",
      "created": "2023-08-16T16:36:13.115Z",
      "name": "tenant-name",
      "install_token": "installation",
      "email": "tenant@email",
      "expire": "2023-08-16T16:36:13.115Z"
    • Example CURL:
    curl -X POST \
      https://TMS-server/tenant \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -H 'accept: application/json' \
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN' \
      -d '{
        "id": "uuid4-id",
        "created": "2023-08-16T16:36:13.115Z",
        "name": "tenant-name",
        "install_token": "installation",
        "email": "tenant@email",
        "expire": "2023-08-16T16:36:13.115Z"
  2. Result:

After successfully executing the API call, a new tenant with the specified name will be created. The provided name will form the initial part of the tenant's URL, such as

Please note that successful execution of the API call requires proper authorization using the obtained token. Replace placeholders like TOKEN, TMS-server, API-KEY, and other relevant placeholders with actual values before making the API calls.

Can I use Account ID as a Tenant Identifier

Yes, you have the option to use your account ID as an identifier for the newly created tenant. This can be incorporated into the domain name that the tenant uses to access the system. For instance, if your account ID is "xxx," the tenant's domain could be ""

By following these steps, you can seamlessly create a new tenant and establish the necessary components for their access to the system.