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What is session?

In Tracardi, a session refers to a specific period of time during which a user interacts with a website or application. It is used to track and group the actions and behavior of a user within that timeframe. Sessions are important for analyzing user engagement, understanding user journeys, and providing personalized experiences.

When a user visits a website or application integrated with Tracardi, a session ID is assigned to that user. This session ID is typically stored in a cookie on the user's device, or in memory. The session ID allows Tracardi to recognize and associate the user's actions and events within a specific session.

Tracardi calculates visits based on the continuity of the session ID. If the session ID remains the same, it indicates that the user is still actively engaged with the website or application, and Tracardi considers it as part of the same visit. However, if the user closes their browser or the session expires, the session ID is deleted, and a new session begins when the user revisits the site.

By tracking sessions, Tracardi can provide insights into various aspects of user behavior, such as session duration, page views per session, entry and exit points, and conversion rates.