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What are the main components or modules that make up Tracardi?

Tracardi consist of the following docker images.


Docker image name is given in the brackets.


  • Database: Elasticsearch (

  • Redis: Cache (redis)

  • Open-source Tracardi API (tracardi/tracardi-api)

  • Open-source Tracardi Workers (tracardi/tracardi-api)

  • Various Import Workers
  • Migration Worker

  • Commercial Tracardi API (tracardi/com-tracardi-api)

  • Tenant Manager API

  • Commercial Tracardi brides (tracardi/com-bridge-queue)

  • MQTT,
  • Kafka
  • IMAP
  • RabbitMq

  • Commercial REST Bridge + Worker (tracardi/com-bridge-rest-worker, tracardi/com-bridge-rest)

  • Commercial Workers

  • Scheduler (tracardi/com-tracardi-scheduler + tracardi/com-tracardi-scheduler-worker)

  • Commercial Jobs

  • Heartbeat (tracardi/com-heartbeat-job)
  • Session closer
  • Segmentation (tracardi/com-tracardi-segmentation-job + tracardi/com-tracardi-segmentation-worker)

  • Sponsored GraphQl (tracardi/com-graphql)

  • Tracardi PRO

  • Misc (most obsolete):

  • Deduplication (tracardi/com-job-deduplication)
  • Merging (tracardi/com-job-merging)
  • Segmentation (tracardi/com-job-segmentation)


  • Tracardi Graphical User Interface


  • Kibana as analytical tool


  • Tracardi Library (

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