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What is event property?

An event property refers to a specific attribute or characteristic that provides relevant details about an event. It contains the actual data associated with the event and can vary depending on the nature of the event and the specific requirements of the system or application. Event properties play a crucial role in enriching the event data, allowing for a more detailed and meaningful representation of the event within the system or application.

For example, event properties can include information about the user involved in the event, such as user ID, username, email address, or any other relevant user identifiers. They can also capture specific aspects of the event, such as quantity, price, duration, location, or any other measurable or meaningful attributes. Additionally, event properties may include flags or indicators that reflect the status or outcome of the event, such as success, failure, pending, or in-progress. Furthermore, they can contain additional contextual information or metadata that provides further insights into the event, such as event source, event category, or any custom-defined metadata specific to the application or system.