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Standard Commercial License

The Standard Commercial License enables commercial usage of Tracardi. It grants users access to exclusive commercial features that are not available in the open-source version of the system. Moreover, this license allows users to access the source code, preventing vendor lock-in.

The Standard Commercial License is provided per one instance of the software, which means it is granted to one company. If you wish to use Tracardi with multiple customers or resell it to others, you'll need to purchase a separate license for each customer, regardless of how many instances of the software you have installed to serve them, or sign a Reseller agreement with Tracardi.

License Restrictions

The Commercial License removes the restriction of using Tracardi solely for "internal business purposes." This means you are allowed to sell the software license or permit your customers to use Tracardi. However, the license is granted per licensee, so it can't be shared with multiple unrelated customers.

Within this license, there is no restriction on the amount of data you can store in the system. You can store an unlimited number of records, users, and more, as long as they belong to one company. Additionally, the license is not limited by territory, meaning you can use Tracardi anywhere globally. You also have the flexibility to replicate the software to accommodate your traffic needs.

Bulk licensing

If you want to allow multiple customers to use Tracardi or resell it, you have two options. You can either sign a reseller contract or purchase a separate license for each customer. For larger bulk purchases, significant discounts are available.