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What are the differences between open-source and commercial Tracardi

The main differences between the open-source and commercial versions of Tracardi are as follows:

  • License: Commercial Tracardi is sold with license that allows to resell the system to your customers.

  • Configuration: The commercial version of Tracardi offers a simplified configuration process, making it easier to set up and maintain compared to the open-source version. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to quickly adapt the tool to their specific requirements, saving time and effort in the long run.

  • Advanced Time-Based Event Handling: The commercial version enhances time-based event handling capabilities. Users can execute processes triggered by specific time intervals, enabling automation of tasks such as sending personalized follow-up messages to customers after a certain time has elapsed. This feature is not available in the open-source version.

  • Expanded Event Collectors: The commercial version of Tracardi provides additional event collectors that can gather data from various sources like Kafka, RabbitMQ, IMAP, MQTT, and more. This broadens the scope of data collection, allowing businesses to leverage insights from diverse platforms and systems. The open-source version may have limitations in terms of supported event collectors.

  • Validating, Transforming, and Copying Events: Tracardi's commercial version allows events collected through the tool to undergo validation, transformation, and automatic copying to customer profiles. This ensures that the data is accurate, consistent, and readily accessible for further analysis and action. These features may be limited or not available in the open-source version.

  • Intelligent Profile Merging: The commercial version of Tracardi automatically merges profiles based on identification points. This consolidation of relevant profile data happens even before an event reaches the workflow, providing a comprehensive view of each customer's journey. Intelligent profile merging is a feature exclusive to the commercial version.

  • Extensive Action Plugins: Tracardi's commercial version offers an array of action plugins that enhance workflow functionality. These plugins include features like pause and resume, limiter, load data report, geo distance or geo fencing, event aggregator, event counter, multiple segmentation plugins, and event sequencing matching. These plugins may not be available or as extensive in the open-source version.

  • Enhanced Data Management: The commercial version of Tracardi allows for saving and loading of additional data into the entity's database. This feature enables businesses to store supplementary information such as email records and product purchases, enhancing data-driven decision-making. Enhanced data management capabilities may not be present in the open-source version.

  • Intelligent Session Handling: Tracardi's commercial version automatically closes a customer's session or visit upon leaving the website, enabling the binding of workflows triggered by a customer's exit. This feature opens up new possibilities for time-based workflows, allowing businesses to deliver targeted messages or offers based on customer behavior and interaction. The intelligent session handling feature is not available in the open-source version.

  • Automated Segmentation and Profile Management: The commercial version of Tracardi facilitates automated segmentation of customer profiles, allowing users to schedule segmentation processes to run at specified intervals. This enables businesses to move profiles from one segment to another based on profile activity or inactivity. Automated segmentation and profile management features may not be as robust in the open-source version.

  • Retroactive Data Processing: Tracardi's commercial version allows businesses to process historical data and copy it to profiles or index event data, even if the events were collected before the corresponding workflows were created. This capability enables businesses to retroactively leverage previously collected data, ensuring comprehensive customer data analysis and personalized communication based on historical information. Retroactive data processing is not available in the open-source version.

  • Enhanced User Experience with UIX Widgets: Tracardi's commercial version offers UIX widgets that enable businesses to inject interactive forms into their customer journey. These widgets can measure customer satisfaction at specific event touchpoints, allowing customers to provide feedback on their experience. These UIX widgets are not available