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Can you describe Tracardi components?

This is technical documentation of source code and dockers.

Commercial Tracardi API

  • Source: com-tracardi/com_tracardi, tracardi/tracardi
  • Github:,
  • Docker: tracardi/com-tracardi-api
  • Description: This is commercial Tracardi API responsible for collecting and processing events.

Commercial Jobs


  • Source: com-tracardi/com_job/heartbeat
  • Github:
  • Docker: tracardi/com-heartbeat-job
  • Description: This job is responsible for running some defined event on all profiles.

Live Segmentation

  • Source: com-tracardi/com_job/segmentation
  • Github:
  • Docker: tracardi/com-tracardi-segmentation-job
  • Description: Iterate over live segmentation flows and push to the segmentation:live queue a job for worker that segments the profile based on the live workflows.

Commercial Workers


  • Source: None
  • Github:
  • Docker: tracardi/com-tracardi-scheduler-worker, tracardi/com-tracardi-scheduler
  • Description: background processes for Pause and Result actions. This is basically as rq worker and rqscheduler from RQ library.

Segmentation and Coping

  • Source: com-tracardi/com_worker
  • Github:
  • Docker: tracardi/com-tracardi-segmentation-worker
  • Redis Queue Worker that monitors the following queues:
    • segmentation:live,
    • event_to_profile_coping:worker,
    • event_props_to_event_traits:worker
  • Description:
    • event_props_to_event_traits:worker is responsible for background coping of historical event properties to traits.
    • event_to_profile_coping:worker is responsible for background event to profile coping
    • segmentation:live is responsible for warning live segmentations. It is triggered by segmentation job.

Commercial bridges

  • Source: com-bridge-queue
  • Github:
  • Description: Queue bridges.

Open-source Tracardi API

  • Source:tracardi
  • Github:
  • Description: This is open-source Tracardi API responsible for collecting and processing events.

Open-source Workers

  • Source:tracardi/worker
  • Github:
  • Description: This is open-source Tracardi worker responsible for imports and system migration.

This document also answers the questions.

  • Provide an overview of the different components that comprise Tracardi ?
  • What are the key building blocks or modules that constitute Tracardi ?
  • What are the fundamental components or sections within Tracardi ?
  • What are the main functions of Tracardi components ?
  • What containers Tracardi needs?