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How to automate retrieval of the API KEY to Tracardi?

To authenticate with the Tracardi API, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain an admin account: You will need to have an admin account in the Tracardi system. This account can either be created during the installation process or by someone with administrative privileges.

  2. Authenticate with admin account credentials and obtain API key: Using the provided admin account credentials ( username and password), make an API request to the Tracardi API for authentication. Upon successful authentication, the Tracardi API will respond with an API key, which serves as an authentication token for accessing the API endpoints. Store the API KEY to access Tracardi API.

  3. Authenticate using the API key: Include the API key in the headers of your subsequent API requests to access the Tracardi API. The API key allows Tracardi to identify and authorize your access to the desired API endpoints.