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Send bulk e-mail plugin

This plugin sends bulk email via Sendgrid API.


You'll need a Sendgrid account to use this plugin. Then you'll need to generate API key

Sendgrid requires a domain configuration to send e-mails, you'll need to add and configure your domain in Sendgrid settings. Please refer to Sendgrid documentation for details.

The last thing is your Sendgrid plan - if you're on the trial version, you are able to send emails only within your own domain, so if your email is [email protected], then your domain is simply and you can send messages only to emails ending with

To get rid of this restriction, you need a paid plan on Sendgrid.


This plugin takes any payload.


This plugin returns a response from Sendgrid API. Depending on the response result it will trigger ether payload port (if the response is successful) or error for if the response indicates that the e-mail was not sent.


Plugin's configuration requires information about API key, sender email, message recipient's email(s), message subject and message content.

  "source": {
    "id": "<id-of-your-sendgrid-resource>",
    "name": "<name-of-your-elastic-email-resource>"
  "email": "<path-to-email-of-new-contact>",
  "list_ids": "<comma-seperated-list-of-list-ids>",
  "additional_mapping": {
    "address_line_1": "<path-to-country-data>",
    "first_name": "<path-to-first-name>",
    "last_name": "<path-to-last-name>",
    "...": "..."

Sendgrid resource

Sendgrid token must be stored in Tracardi's resources. Please remember to provide both test and production API key (token) in resource configuration.

Sendgrid API Tokens can be found in settings -> SMTP & API Info on It is a string with random characters.