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How does Tracardi Bot work?

Tracardi Bot operates by searching through the Tracardi documentation to locate the answer to your question. It leverages advanced AI technology to process your inquiry. However, please note that it is specifically designed to handle queries related to Tracardi only.

Tracardi Bot serves as a useful tool for swiftly accessing information found on the Tracardi documentation page at It can filter and rephrase the responses to better align with your specific question. It's important to mention that our community covers the expenses associated with maintaining this bot, as it relies on OpenAI resources. To ensure the bot remains available to everyone, we kindly request your consideration in making a small donation to our project at

Please note that since Tracardi Bot relies on AI technology, the answers it provides may not always be entirely accurate. Sometimes, AI systems can generate responses that are incorrect or inaccurate, which is known as " hallucination" in the context of AI. Therefore, it is advisable to cross-reference the information provided by Tracardi Bot with the official documentation if the answer seems questionable or incorrect. Checking the documentation will help ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information you receive.

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