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Require consents plugin

This plugin takes in a list of consent ID and checks if current profile has granted one of them, or all of them.


This plugin takes any payload as input


This plugin outputs given payload on port true if required consents are granted, or on port false if required consents are not granted.

Plugin configuration

With form

  • IDs of required consents - provide a list of consents that you want to require to be granted by the profile.
  • Require all - if this switch is set to ON, plugin will require all of provided consent types to granted by profile. If it is set to OFF, only one consent has to be granted.

Advanced configuration

  "consent_ids": [
      "id": "<id-of-consent>",
      "name": "<name-of-consent>"
      "id": "<id-of-second-consent>",
      "name": "<name-of-second-consent>"
  "require_all": "<bool>"