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Event Aggregator

This plugin collects and tallies up the occurrences of a specific category of information during a certain period of time for the current profile.


The Event Aggregator plugin counts how many times something happens for the current profile over a defined amount of time. It aggregates events based on a specified field and returns the aggregation result.

This documentation is for version 0.8.1 of the plugin.

Inputs and Outputs


  • payload: This port accepts a payload object.


  • payload: Returns the aggregation result.


The Event Aggregator plugin requires the following configuration:

  • Aggregate by field: Select the field you would like to aggregate. This field determines the category of information for which the occurrences will be counted. The available options are retrieved from the /storage/mapping/event/metadata endpoint.

  • Time span: Specify the time span over which the occurrences will be counted. Enter the time span in a format like -15minutes. This field determines the period of time during which the events will be aggregated.

JSON Configuration

Here is an example JSON configuration for the Event Aggregator plugin:

  "field": {
    "name": "example_field",
    "id": "example_field_id"
  "time_span": "-15m"

Required Resources

This plugin does not require external resources to be configured.


  • Profile ID not found: The profile ID is not found or is not correctly configured. This error may occur if the profile ID is set to @debug-profile-id. Make sure to load the correct profile to ensure that the plugin can find the necessary data.

  • Event field not specified: The aggregate by field is not specified in the configuration. This error may occur if the "Aggregate by field" configuration field is left empty. Please select a field to aggregate.

  • Invalid time span format: The specified time span format is invalid. This error may occur if the "Time span" configuration field is not formatted correctly. Make sure to enter the time span in a valid format, such as -15minutes.