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Get contact from HubSpot plugin

This plugin gets a contact from HubSpot, based on provided data.


This plugin takes any payload as input.


This plugin returns response from HubSpot API on port response, or optional error info on port error if one occurs.

HubSpot app

Firstly, you need to create an app in a HubSpot account.

Initiating connection

You need your apikey/accesstoken Below there is a path from main page to this: -> login -> choose your account -> settings -> account setup -> integrations -> private app

  • scopes: for getting contact, you need to choose scope, but this match only with this and Add Contact to HubSpot plugin. For other plugins connecting to HubSpot, you should choose other scopes.
    We recommend choose all the following scopes:
    crm.objects.companies.write,, crm.objects.contacts.write,, content

You can now access the access token for this app

Plugin configuration

With form

  • HubSpot resource - please select your HubSpot resource. It should contain:

    • access token - how you access the site. Like any api token
  • contact id - id of a contact you want to get.

JSON configuration - example

  "source": {
    "access_token": "<your-access-token-optionally>",
  "contact_id": "<your-contact-id>"