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How to personalize messages?

Tracardi offers a Template Plugin that simplifies the process of creating templates and referencing data within them. The plugin allows you to generate dynamic text content that can be utilized in various plugins, such as SMS77, SMTP email, Mailchimp messages, and more.

To leverage the Template Plugin in Tracardi, follow these steps:

  • Create a Template: Start by creating a template using the Template Plugin. This plugin provides an interface where you can design your template and use placeholders for the dynamic data.
  • Use Data Placeholders: Within the template, you can define data placeholders using {{ }}. Place a referenced data inside, for example {{ [email protected] }}. These placeholders will represent the dynamic information that will be replaced when the template is processed.
  • Use Template: After creating the template, you can use it as a data source in various plugins within Tracardi. For example, you can reference the template in the SMS77 plugin to generate personalized SMS messages, or in the SMTP email plugin to create customized email content.

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