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RabbitMQ allows to process compute intensive data outside tracardi server. You may want to run some data processing in the background and distribute the load to multiple servers.

For Extensive Information about RabbitMQ visit :

  • You can create new user for accessing your RabbitMQ broker. Normally port used is 5672 but you can change it in your configuration file.

  • So suppose your IP is and you created user test with password test and you want to access vhost "dev" (without quotes) then it will look something like this: amqp://test:test@

  • A virtual host has a name. When an AMQP 0-9-1 client connects to RabbitMQ, it specifies a vhost name to connect to. If authentication succeeds and the username provided was granted permissions to the vhost, connection is established.

Resource configuration and set-up

  1. Type the RabbitMQ url
  2. Type the port Number.
  3. Type the Virtual Host Name(if any)
  4. Type the Connection Timeout limit.


This resource can be used as destination.