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My javascript is not sending events

My javascript is not sending events

If your JavaScript is not sending events, there could be several reasons for this issue:

  • Placement of the JavaScript: Ensure that the JavaScript code is placed correctly on the page. The configuration part should be placed first, followed by the script for event sending. Check if the code is properly integrated within the HTML structure of the page.

  • Incorrect API address: Verify that the API address in your JavaScript code is correct and points to your Tracardi server. If the API address is incorrect, the events will be sent to the wrong destination.

  • Incorrect source ID: Make sure that the source ID specified in the JavaScript code is correct and matches the registered event sources in Tracardi. If the source ID is incorrect, Tracardi will not recognize the events coming from your JavaScript code.

  • Disabled event source: Check if the event source specified in your script is enabled in Tracardi. If the event source is disabled, the events will not be processed or stored by Tracardi.

  • Transitional event source: If the events are being sent but not saved, it is possible that the event source is set to be transitional. This means that the events are considered ephemeral and are processed without being permanently stored. Review the settings of the event source to determine if this is the case.