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E-mail via SMTP

The purpose of this plugin is to send e-mail using SMTP servers. The plugin supports sending HTML messages.


This node requires configuration.

Example of configuration

  "message": {
    "send_to": "[email protected]",
    "send_from": "[email protected]",
    "reply_to": "[email protected]",
    "title": "E-mail subject",
    "message": "My name is {{[email protected]}}"
  "source": {
    "id": "resource-id"

Configuration description

  • to: None, - Choose e-mail recipient
  • from: None, - Choose your e-mail
  • replyTo: None,- Select to whom the reply should be sent
  • title: Enter an E-mail subject,
  • message: Enter your message, HTML is allowed as well as message template.


Message can be a Tracardi template. Tracardi templates can merge plain text or HTML with data from profile, event, or session.

Example of Tracardi message template

My name is {{[email protected]}}

The {{[email protected]}} placeholder will be replaced by data from profile. Path to data is

Resource configuration

This node needs SMTP server credentials that are defined in resources. To access defined credentials you will have to pass resource id.


This node needs access to resource that configures SMTP server credentials:

Needed credentials:

  • smtp: - Choose a smtp server
  • port: 587 - Select the port on which smtp will run
  • username: - enter your username
  • password: - enter your password
  • timeout: 15

Example of resource configuration

  "smtp": "", 
  "port": 587, 
  "username": "enter your username",
  "password": "enter your password",
  "timeout": 15

Input payload

This node does not process input payload.


This node returns true if mail was sent or false if there was an error.