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How can I use reports in Tracardi?

There are two ways to use reports in Tracardi:

  1. Attaching Reports to Workflows: You can attach reports to your workflows in Tracardi and download data while the workflow is running. This allows you to gather information and make decisions based on the data generated by the workflow. To enable this functionality, you need to use a commercial plugin called "Load Report." With this plugin, you can define the specific data you want to collect and analyze within your workflows.
  2. Downloading Data via Tracardi API: Another way to utilize reports in Tracardi is by downloading the data from the report through the Tracardi API. This approach is particularly useful when you need to export the data to an external system or integrate it with other tools. By accessing the Tracardi API (/report/{id}/run), you can retrieve the desired report data and then use it in any way you require within your external system.