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How to do simple segmentation with number of visits.

To add a segment based on the number of visits made to a profile, you can follow these steps:

  • Start by setting up a workflow in your system or platform.
  • Use an "if" condition to check the number of visits made to the profile.
  • Within the "if" condition, port TRUE connect the "add segment" action to add the desired segment to the profile.
  • After adding the segment, update the profile to save the changes.

Here's an example of how the workflow could be structured:

  • Start
  • If ([email protected] == 1)
  • On port TRUE connect Add Segment (choose the segment you want to add)
  • Update Profile (save the changes)

Regarding the syntax, the profile's visit count is stored in metadata.time.visit.count. It is automatically increased with every visit.