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How to store interests in Tracardi

The "Add Interest" plugin in Tracardi is designed for adding and updating interests in a user's profile during workflow processing.

In Tracardi, the "Add Interest" plugin can simplify the process of storing interests in user profiles. Here's how you can use it within a workflow:

  1. Setup the Workflow: Create a new workflow or edit an existing one where you want to incorporate the interest tracking. This workflow would typically be triggered by user actions that indicate their interests, such as viewing specific content or interacting with certain elements on your site.

  2. Add the Add Interest Plugin to Workflow: Drag and drop the Add Interest plugin into your workflow. Connect this plugin to the appropriate part of your workflow, ensuring it's triggered by the relevant user actions.

  3. Configure the Plugin: In the plugin configuration, specify the key under which the interest will be stored. This key will reside under the interests field in the profile. Assign a weight to the interest. This weight can quantify the level of interest, allowing for a more nuanced understanding of the user's preferences.

  4. Use Profile Update to store the interest: Confirm the change to profile with Profile Update plugin.

You can use Increase Interest and Decrease Interest to update the interest weight.