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Whois Plugin

The Whois plugin is a connector that allows you to check a specified domain using the Whois service. It checks whether a domain exists or not and returns the details related to the domain like registrar, creation date, expiration date, etc.


This documentation was created for the Whois plugin version 0.8.0.


The Whois plugin receives a payload containing the domain to be checked. It communicates with the Whois service to enquire about the domain. The obtained details are then encapsulated into a result, which is then passed onto the next port as per the workflow. In case of any issues while fetching the details, the plugin returns an error message.

Inputs and Outputs

The Whois plugin accepts one input:

  • payload: This port accepts payload object.

The Whois plugin provides two outputs:

  • result: Returns the response from the Whois service containing detail information about the domain.
  • error: Returns error message if the plugin fails to retrieve the domain information.


The configuration for the Whois plugin is as follows:

  • domain: This field requires the user to provide the domain to be checked in the Whois service.

JSON Configuration

Below is an example of the JSON configuration:

  "domain": ""

Required resources

This plugin does not require any external resources to be configured.


If an error occurs during the execution of the plugin, an error message is returned with the following format:

  • {'message': 'error message'}

The possible error scenarios include:

  • Failure in retrieving the domain's information from the Whois service.
  • Providing an empty string for the domain input. In this case, the error message will be - "Domain must not be empty."