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ClickSend API Configuration

To use the ClickSend Send SMS plugin in Tracardi, you need to configure your ClickSend API credentials, which include your username and API key. This documentation will guide you through the process of obtaining and configuring these credentials.

Step 1: Login to ClickSend

  1. Go to the ClickSend website and log in to your ClickSend account using your account username and password. Typically, the username is your email address.

Step 2: Access API Credentials

  1. Once you are logged in, navigate to the API Credentials section. You can usually find this in the developer or settings area of your ClickSend account.

  2. In the API Credentials section, you will find your username and API key. These credentials are required to authenticate with the ClickSend API and send SMS messages through the ClickSend gateway.

Step 3: Copy Username and API Key

  1. Copy your ClickSend username, which is your account username, and your API key. You will need these credentials to configure the ClickSend Send Resource. The use this resource in the plugin.