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Get Event Source Plugin

The Get Event Source Plugin is part of the Input/Output group and is primarily used for tasks related to data collection or segmentation. Its function is to read the source that the event came from.


The current version of this plugin is


The Get Event Source Plugin is designed to read and return the source from which the event originated. It does this by loading the id of the source associated with the event.

In the event where the source does not exist, the plugin returns an error message indicating that the source does not exist. If the source is found, the plugin proceeds to return a dump of the loaded source model.

Inputs and Outputs

This plugin only accepts one input port, named "payload". As for the output ports, the plugin offers two; 'source' and ' error'.

  • The Input, "payload", reads a payload object.
  • The Output, "source", gives back the data of the source in case it is found and loaded successfully.
  • The Output, "error", returns an error message in case the source is not found or another error occurs during the process of loading the source.

This plugin does not initiate the workflow.


This plugin does not require any configuration.

JSON Configuration

Since this plugin does not require any configuration, no configuration example is provided.

Required resources

This plugin does not require any external resources to be configured.


Error that might be encountered during the operation of this Plugin is:

  • "Source {} does not exist.": This indicates that the source associated with the event's id does not exist in the system. This error occurs when one tries to load a non-existing source.