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How to get started with data collection from the website.

To begin with event collection in Tracardi, follow these steps:

1. Ensure Tracardi Installation:

  • You must have Tracardi installed on your system.

2. Understand Test and Production Modes:

  • Tracardi GUI operates in two modes: test and production.
  • The test mode collects data via API which can be configured to run as Test or Production. The default mode is tests.
  • A separate instance of Tracardi can be opened with environment variable PRODUCTION set to 'yes' for production data collection, typically on a different port.

3. Switch Modes as Admin:

  • As an admin, you can switch between test and production modes by clicking the 'test' label next to the Tracardi logo.

4. Note Separation of Environments:

  • Test and production modes are separate environments, meaning data collected in the test mode is not visible in production, and all settings are specific to one environment.

5. Workflow:

  • The typical workflow is to set up the system in test mode, then deploy it to production by going to ' Maintenance/Deployment' and clicking 'Deploy to Production.' This action copies all the settings to the production instance.

Example for Test Environment:

  • To confirm that your API is in test mode, click on the Tracardi logo and check for results like:
    • Frontend Version: 0.8.1
    • Backend Version:
    • DB Version: 08x
    • API context: staging
    • GUI context: staging
    • 'API context: staging' indicates the API is in test mode.
    • 'GUI context: staging' indicates the GUI is fetching data from the test environment.

Event Collection in Test Mode:

  • Click on 'test' near the Tracardi logo to change the mode (the GUI should turn red), indicating the GUI is fetching data from production.

Return to Test Mode:

  • Click again to return to test mode.

Create an Event Source:

  • Go to 'Inbound Traffic/Event Source' and create a new event source. This source will be available only in the test environment.

JavaScript Integration:

  • Select 'Use and JavaScript' and paste the script into your page.
  • Don't forget to add this part to collect events:
    window.tracker.track("event-type", {"property": "value"});

Check Collected Events:

  • After refreshing the page, you should see the events in 'Data/Events' in the test environment. Switching to production mode should display no events since you did not collect them via the production API.

Debugging Event Collection

  • To debug event collection, visit the page where you placed the script.
  • Right-click on it and select 'Inspect.'
  • Choose the 'Network' tab and refresh the page.
  • You should see all the connections made by the page, including a connection to the Tracardi API. Check for any errors.