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Google Spreadsheet

The Google Spreadsheet plugin allows Tracardi workflows to connect to Google Sheets and perform read/write operations.




The Google Spreadsheet plugin function allows reading or writing of data from a designated Google Spreadsheet document. The plugin uses a specified Google Cloud Service Account Resource for authentication purposes. However, note that simultaneous reading and writing are not permitted.

For reading data, the values (range of data) from the plugin's configuration settings are accessed. The plugin then fetches data from these defined range locations. If no data is found, it issues a warning but continues.

Additionally, it's possible to write data on the spreadsheet. For this, the plugin takes a list of values from the plugin's configuration settings and writes it to the specified cells range. If no data values are provided for writing, an error is triggered, and the operation ends.

Inputs and Outputs

The input for this plugin is a payload and the outputs can be successful payload or an error.

Here is an example of successful payload and error output in JSON format:


  "port": "payload",
  "value": {
    # Google Spreadsheet API response...


  "port": "error",
  "value": "Error Description"

Please note that this plugin is unable to trigger new Tracardi workflows.


The Google Spreadsheet plugin requires the following configuration parameters:

  • Google Cloud Service Account Resource: The resource used to connect to Google Spreadsheets.
  • Spreadsheet Id: The Id of the Spreadsheet to connect to. The Spreadsheet Id is found in the Spreadsheet URL.
  • Sheet Name: The name of the sheet within the spreadsheet to connect to.
  • Data Range: The range of cells (like "A1:F4") where operations are performed.
  • Read data: A Boolean value determining whether data is to be read from the Spreadsheet.
  • Write data: A boolean value determining whether data is written on the Spreadsheet.
  • Values: When writing data, the user provides a list of values (column-value pairs) for the operations.

Such configuration parameters can be represented in JSON format as follows:

  "source": {
    "id": "resource-id",
    "name": "resource-name"
  "spreadsheet_id": "spreadsheet id",
  "sheet_name": "sheet name",
  "range": "A1:F4",
  "read": true,
  "write": false,
  "values": "[[\"Name\", \"John\"]]"

Required resources

This plugin requires a Google Cloud Service Account Resource to function.


  • "You can't read and write data at the same time.": This error will be returned if both read and write fields in the configuration settings are set as TRUE. Only one operation can be performed at a time.
  • "If you want to parse data, set values to parse": This error occurs if no data values are provided for writing on the spreadsheet.
  • "You do not have permissions to access this spreadsheet. Please go to Google SpreadSheets and click Share in the upper right corner and add the following address {}.": This error is returned if the plugin does not have permissions to access the Google spreadsheet. You may need to share the spreadsheet with the email mentioned in the error message to rectify this. Any perturbations or interruptions in the network connectivity while trying to access the Google spreadsheet services can trigger a generic error, returned in the form of a string.