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What are the main features of commercial vs open-source version?

Feature Open source Commercial
Data collection
* API bridge x x
* Redirect bridge x
* Maintaining the profile id between domains x
* Kafka bridge x
* MQTT Bridge x
Data mapping
* Event to profile mappings x x
* Event validation x
* Event reshaping x
* Event remapping x
Profile identification
* Profile merging x x
* Profile identification points x
* Data compliance x
* Profile consents x x
Data storage
* Events x x
* Sessions x x
* Profiles x x
* Entities x
* Event destinations x
* Profile destinations x
Workflow triggers
* Workflow triggered by event x x
* Workflow triggered by time x
* Workflow triggered by segmentation x
* Workflow skipped if no consent x
* Simple segmentation based on profile data x x
* Segmentation based on event data x
* Segmentation by workflow x
Profile data enhancement
* Profile metrics x
* Auto profile geo location x
* Workflow automation x x
* Standard automation actions x x
* Time based automation x
* AI features, vector stores x
* Geo location features x
* Automation based on event aggregations x
* UIX widgets x
* Interactions with Twilio, varius databases, etc x
* Multi-tenancy x
* Performance improvements x
* Automatic profile visits closing x
* Post collection data indexing x