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How do I get my own event source id?

  1. Access the Inbound Traffic / Event Source Section: Log in to the platform or service where you track inbound traffic. Navigate to the section that manages event sources.

  2. Click on "New Event Source": Look for a button or option labeled "New Event Source" and click on it to create a new event source.

  3. Select REST API Bridge: From the available options for event sources, choose "REST API Bridge" as the type of event source you want to create.

  4. Fill in the Name: Provide a name for your new event source. This name is for your reference and will help you identify the event source in the future.

  5. Create the Event Source: Complete the necessary information and configuration for the REST API Bridge event source. Once you have filled in the required details, proceed to create the new event source.

  6. Copy the Event Source ID: After successfully creating the event source, you should be redirected to a page displaying the details of the new event source. On this page, you should find an "ID" associated with the event source. Copy this ID to your clipboard.

  7. Use the ID with Tracking Script: Now that you have the event source ID, you can use it with your tracking script.