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Where can I save in profile such timestamp like last visit, last message send, last contact, etc ?

To store additional timestamps except last_visit, eg. last message sent, or last contact in a profile in Tracardi, you can use the profile@metadata.aux field. This field is specifically designed to hold additional information, including various timestamps.

You can create a timestamp subfield under metadata.aux and save any relevant timestamp data there. For instance, to record the time of the last chat or the last sent email, you might use fields like metadata.aux.timestamp.last_chat and metadata.aux.timestamp.last_send_email, respectively, and assign the corresponding dates to them.

Here's an example of how you might structure this:

  • metadata.aux.timestamp.last_chat = [date/time of last chat]
  • metadata.aux.timestamp.last_send_email = [date/time of last sent email]

This approach allows you to neatly organize and store various timestamp-related data within the profile structure. The metadata.aux is indexed but can not be aggregated.