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JSON to data

The JSON to data plugin is designed to convert a JSON string to data objects. It serves as a converter, simplifying the process of dealing with JSON strings in your workflow.


The documentation was created for version 0.6.2 of the plugin.


The JSON to data plugin works by accepting a JSON string, specified by a reference path, and converting it into data objects. This process is executed within the "run" method of the plugin. The reference path to the JSON string is extracted from the plugin's configuration. Once the JSON string is obtained, it attempts to convert it into a data object.

If the JSON string is valid and was correctly converted into a data object, the plugin returns this data on the " payload" output port. If the conversion fails, likely due to an issue with the JSON string (é.g., malformed syntax), then an error message is returned on the "error" output port.

Inputs and Outputs

This plugin processes and accepts inputs on the "payload" input port which receives the workflow payload.

It has two output ports, 'payload', and 'error'. If the JSON string was correctly converted into data objects, the new data is returned on the "payload" port. This output consists of a dictionary, with the key "value" and the value being the converted data object. Example of successful operation:

  "value": {
    "converted": "data objects here..."

If the conversion fails, an error message is returned on the "error" output port. This returned error contains the original payload. Example:

  "value": {
    "original": "payload here..."

The plugin cannot initiate the workflow.


The configuration for this plugin is straightforward. It consists of one parameter:

  • to_data: This is a reference path to a JSON string that needs to be converted. The reference path uses the Tracardi dot notation for accessing data in the workflow's internal state.

Example: [email protected] would be a valid reference path in some workflows.

JSON Configuration

Below is an example of the required JSON configuration for this plugin:

  "to_data": "[email protected]"

Required resources

This plugin does not require external resources to be configured.


An error might occur when the plugin is incapable of parsing the specified JSON string. This usually happens if the JSON string is malformed or not a valid JSON. In such a case, the following error will be returned:

"JSONDecodeError - Expecting property name enclosed in double quotes"

In the event of such error, the plugin will return the original payload on the "error" port rather than the converted data.